Craving for Ice cream and Chicken

It’s almost a month since we moved to Karimunjawa, and we are deadly craving for Ice cream and meats like beef and chicken. It doesn’t mean that we are lacking of food and starving, don’t worry we are still eating properly everyday. The big problem of living on the island Karimunjawa is the food (vegetables, meats,etc) delivery. It only comes with KMP Muria (big ferry) from Jepara. That’s why usually restaurant, hotel and warung storage their food for a week or two. For us, in order to buy fresh vegetables and meat (chicken), we go to the local market a day after Muria coming (tuesday, thursday and sunday). Mind that local market open only from 4:00 am until 7:00 am.

This week Muria couldn’t come on last monday because of bad weather!!! It was really a bad news for us. We had to wait until next Muria coming again to the island. Yesterday we heard that Muria came. Yipppiiiii, we were happy. Chicken, we are coming!!

This morning we wake up early at 5:00 am and went to the market. René speeded up the bike along 13 km. We arrived just before 6 there. And there were chicken chaos!!!! Rini couldn’t find chicken on the market anymore. All sold out!!!! Think that we already came as early as possible, and it’s still to late. We are totally disappointed. But life goes on, also without meat as main food. We have to live with it.

Ice cream is another problem. As you might know that the weather on the island is hotter than on the land. At noon the outside temperatur is about 30 degrees or even more. Usually after luch, we wish to have ice cream as dessert. Then we will joke each other, that one of us should go to the store and buy ice cream. Which of course impossible!! No stores here have freezer to keep the ice freeze, because as you might also know, electricity run starting from 6:00 pm until 6:00 am. It means on a day no electric. How could the freezer keep on?

It’s a little bit weird, because usually on tourism island, we can find ice shop. Who’s not craving for ice on the hot day after sunbathing or snorkling! This is a big chance for every investor. Let us tell you, that our island (we) need urgent ice shop. Would be better an Italian gelato ice shop, that sell straciatella, malaga and lemon flavour. A small ice shop with coulourful umbrellas facing to the sea. Lovely!!! Hhhmmmm…. we will be definetly become your loyal costumer ever. And we bet that your ice shop will be full of tourist everyday. So, think about it! Who dare to open ice shop here in Karimunjawa??

Tough we are craving for those both things, still this is the new life that we choose and we have to survive, with or without ice cream and meat (chicken).


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