Prisoners of the Island Karimunjawa

How do you feel, if you only have a little contact with the outside world?

How do you feel, if all access to get something that you desire just being cut?

How do you feel, if once in your life, you think about how to break the prison?

How do you feel, if once in your life, you look at the sky and wonder  about another world?

There are no walls around the island, but there are 6 meters waves on the sea. And here we are, trap inside.  No access to get out, no access to get in, and no access to get what I’m craving for. We are in the prison. Island prisoners of Karimunjawa.

It´s been a week since the sea patrol announced a warning that no boats may across the sea. Around 150 tourist, who had new year vacation, trapped on the island. Last Monday, Express Bahari speed boat insisted to go back to the mainland, although it was wavy and windy. Almost all the tourist luckily went back home, few of them are still here.

What is happening here now? People call the season like this as Baratan/Angin barat. It´s a west wind season. The winds blows wildly from the west. It could cause 6 meters wave (hope not higher than that). It could cause some trees falling down. And the worst it could cause no more food delivery to the island.

You are wrong, If you think that all day we need to stay in the house because of hard wind and rain. Today´s weather is sunny 31,8° and my husband just sunbathing in the garden. The sun is still shining, but the wind is going crazy. However we can´t play with the weather. A sunny day could turn into a stormy day within a second.

Even Karimunjawa is about 6 hours away (with ferry) from the main island Java, no chance to get food delivery!! That´s a normal life for every island prisoners. So this supposed to be our normal life too.

Today when I look at the wavy ocean, I just wonder, if I still live in the big city would I still be thankful for all the easy access and for all the food that I could easily get?? This season teach me to be more grateful for just every little thing.




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