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Hello World

It is hard to live in this modern live without internet connection. It is so sad to see “No Network” on the phone. Something incomplete!!

In this rainy-no tourist season, the villagers of Kemujan Island have a problem to make contact to the outside world. Because we can not catch the phone signal from the private island resort and somehow (almost a month now) it is down.

Maybe it is not a big deal for the most villagers. Not all of them have special antenna to catch the signal or even they don´t have a cell phone, and not to forget that years a go they could not catch any signal at all.

At first it was depressive for us, because we used daily internet connection to just chat with our family, having contact with our up coming guest, to read what happen in the world or just to browse something unimportant (killing time :-)).

If we want to do something with internet or call our family on the main land, we need to drive 15 km with motorcycle, over the hills and very very bad road (I think you can not imagine). In Karimunjawa main village there are two towers from more than one provider. Still the signal from Karimunjawa village can not get through the mountain which is just in between of Karimunjawa and Kemujan Island.

Friends and family start to complain that they can not reach us. My Mom said, “Where do you actually live? On Mars?” I just laughed, Mom I think even on Mars they have Phone connection but not on our Island NOW!!

Well, let’s hope that soon we can contact the world again. Now put away all the gadget, take a paper and a pen. Meanwhile let me start to write a letter again, a real letter on a paper. Just like every people once did.



Über UNS

Wir sind René, Rini und Emma. Die kleine Emma ist 3 Jahre alt. René ist Deutscher, Rini ist Indonesierin, und Emma ist Inselkind 🙂


Was 2009 bei unsere erste Reise nach Karimunjawa als Traum entstand, wurde 2012 wahr.

Im Juni 2012 kaufte die Familie ca.2000 m2 tropischen Garten mit einem renovierungsbedürftige Haus. Seit diesem Tage stellten wir fest, das ein Inselleben kein Urlaub mehr ist. So lernten wir ein neues Leben kennen. Unser Leben begann mit 5 Stunde Strom, ohne Kühlschrank, ohne Fernsehen und ohne Waschmaschine und natürlich auch ohne 24 Stunde Telefon und Internet Verbindung. Bis Heute hat sich daran nicht viel geändert.

Die Inselbewohner erzählen uns die wahre Geschichte der Insel, zeigen uns die schönsten Orte und bringen uns die neue Kultur bei.

Wir leben sehr einfach, aber was wichtig in unserem Familienleben ist, ist nicht der Konsumgedanke sondern mehr Zeit zusammen zu haben und miteinander zu leben.

Sonnige Grüße

René, Rini und Emma

About Us

We are René, Rini and Emma. The little Emma is 3 years old now. René is German, Rini is Indonesian, and Emma is an islander :-).

A dream, that we dreamed since our first holiday to Karimunjawa on 2009, would be come true on 2012.

On June 2012, bought the family about 2000 m2 tropical garden with a House, that need some renovations.

Since those day we knew that Island life is no longer holiday. So we learned a new life. A life with 5 hours electricity, without fridge, without TV and washing maschine, and ofcourse without 24 hours Telephone and Internet connection. It does not change until now.

The people on the island tell us the real story of the island, show us the very best place and teach us a new culture.

We have a very simple life, however  what for us as a family more important is not the consume life-thing  but more time to share and having each other.

Sunny regards,

René, Rini and Emma